Constructing opportunities in a slow economy!

Today, I was captured by the headline—Adult Sandbox in Las Vegas isn’t for Tonka Trucks.    I do not know the full story behind the idea but it did cause me to reflect on the creation logic that was likely part of the decision making. 

Faced by a slow economy and a decline to construction, this company decided to sell the construction experience instead of their traditional work.   For up to $750, they provide the experience of operating construction equipment in a life-sized sandbox. It is a simple idea really—what child has not dreamt of operating a bull dozer!   Now as adult tourists, we can enjoy the real-life experience of being a construction worker.

Most construction companies, when faced with a decline in construction work, increase their sales efforts, consider a broader range of work or reduce their bids in order to simply keep their workers employed.  Some firms, who may have better cash flow management, may continue to build in anticipation of a turnaround in the industry—ie. they are prepared with new homes when home sales begin to increase again as the economy recovers.  In general though, construction companies struggle any many face the possibility of bankruptcy.

This company, however, considered alternatives to their regular work and traditional customers.  Instead of selling construction work they are selling the construction experience.   Instead of focusing on casino construction, they focused on capturing new sales from casino customers and tourists.  And I imagine that this was a fairly low risk option to explore—they had the equipment, they had the employees trained on the equipment, and they likely had an adult size sandbox.  Using their current resources, they have created a new opportunity.