New Urgency to Rename the Senior Executive Job Title

We just came across an interesting report on how CEO is the least popular job title in Silicon Valley. The article notes that as a result:

…some tech industry veterans say it’s time for a new approach to choosing CEOs. Forget the old idea of finding an older, well-known operations or sales executive to maximize earnings and soothe nervous shareholders. Too often, those experiments—Dell’s (DELL) Kevin Rollins, Apple’s (AAPL) John Sculley, Yahoo’s Carol Bartz—have failed.[…] Now Old Guard tech companies need to find risk-takers willing to bet big on new visions. That’s hard enough for entrepreneurs such as’s (AMZN) Jeff Bezos. It may be even harder at companies settling into middle age. “Somebody is going to have to take some risks, and bring in younger CEOs for a while” …

May we suggest that replacing the acronymn “CEO” with “Entrepreneurial Leader” may be more effective at attracting the right candidates to these established and fast-growing companies?