The New Beliefs of a Seasoned Business Leader

Raymond Gilmartin, former CEO of Merck and now a management professor, has developed an important list of “New Guiding Beliefs” for executives.

In our view, the list offers a number of practical ways to guide the process of embedding SEERS (Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability) into corporate decision making.

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 key bullets:

  • Shareholders benefit most when CEOs and boards maximize value for society and act as agents of society rather than shareholders.
  • The market favorably receives projects with long-term payoffs, particularly those in research and development. 
  • Purpose, meaning, and recognition are more powerful motivators than economic self-interest, and large external rewards can reduce intrinsic motivation.
  • Actions to address societal issues should be an integral part of strategy, and operations and should not be isolated as a separate activity under the heading of corporate social responsibility.
  • The most successful CEOs, on balance, are those who are developed inside the company but manage to retain an outside perspective.

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