Auto-analytics for Entrepreneurial Leaders

One of the core principles of entrepreneurial leadership is self-awareness. Yet increasing your self-awareness is notoriously tough to do, as some of us learn the hard way.

In our recent Wall Street Journal article, “Employees Measure Yourselves,” we describe several new “auto-analytic” tools that aspiring entrepreneurial leaders can use to boost self-awareness. It’s all about gathering personal data.

Here’s an excerpt:

Suppose they could get a breakdown of how much time they spend actually working on their computer, as opposed to surfing the Web. Suppose they could tell how much an afternoon workout boosts their productivity, or how much a stressful meeting raises their heart rate.

Thanks to a new wave of technologies called auto-analytics, they can do just that. These devices—from computer software and smartphone apps to gadgets that you wear—let users gather data about what they do at work, analyze that information and use it to do their job better. They give workers a fascinating window into the unseen, unconscious little things that can make such a big difference in their daily work lives. And by encouraging workers to start tracking their own activities—something many already are doing on their own—companies can end up with big improvements in job performance, satisfaction and possibly even well-being.

The article is the lead story in the IT Leadership section and can be found here.