Looking beyond “ramen-slurping garage-dwellers”

Check out this video of Eric Ries, Lean Startup author in a recent Fast Company article by Noah Robischon, entitled Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere. Eric Ries Knows What They Have In Common.

Ries asks us to look beyond the image of the “ramen-slurping garage-dweller” that is often portrayed in movies and other forms of media and to recognize that entrepreneurs are everywhere, in all types of organization.  Ries also provides a broad definition of a start-up: “a human institution designed to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty”.

This message is aligned with our perspective in The New Entrepreneurial Leader.   Entrepreneurs are everywhere, in all types of organizations and in all regions of the world.  Entrepreneurial Leaders are needed in today’s complex, highly uncertain and sometimes unknowable world.

So the important question remains:  How do we best prepare today’s business school students to become entrepreneurial leaders?  In our book, we provide our perspective on how to do this.  Our ideas continue to expand as we develop and test out new teaching materials and student experiences in our program.  Are there approaches that are working well in your management education programs?