Table of Contents

Introduction Entrepreneurial Leadership: Shaping Social and Economic Opportunity
Part I A New Way of Thinking and Acting: Developing Cognitive Ambidexterity
Chapter 1 Cognitive Ambidexterity: The Underlying Mental Model of the Entrepreneurial Leader
(Heidi Neck)
Chapter 2 Creation Logic in Innovation: From Action Learning to Expertise
(Sebastian Fixson & Jay Rao)
Chapter 3 Prediction Logic: Analytics for Entrepreneurial Thinking
(Tom Davenport & Julian Lange)
Part II A New Worldview: Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability (SEERS)
Chapter 4 Defining Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability
Chapter 5 Beyond Green: Encouraging Students to Create a Simultaneity of Positive SEERS Outcomes
(Toni Lester & Vikki L. Rodgers)
Chapter 6 Sustainability Metrics: Has the Time Arrived for Accountants to Embrace SEERS Reporting?
(Janice Bell, Virginia Soybel, & Robert Turner)
Chapter 7 The Financial Challenge: Reconciling Social and Environmental Value with Shareholder Value
(Richard Bliss)
Part III Self and Social Awareness to Guide Action
Chapter 8 Who Am I? Learning From and Leveraging Self-Awareness
(James Hunt, Nan S. Langowitz, Keith Rollag, and Karen Hebert-Maccaro)
Chapter 9 What is the Context? Fostering Entrepreneurial Leaders’ Social Awareness
(Stephen Deets and Lisa DiCarlo)
Chapter 10 Whom Do I Know? Building and Engaging Social Networks Using Social Media Technology
(Salvatore Parise & PJ Guinan)
Part IV Management Educators as Entrepreneurial Leaders
Chapter 11 A New Pedagogy for Teaching “Doing”: Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders for Values-Driven Action
Chapter 12 Curriculum-Wide Change: Leading Initiatives to Develop Entrepreneurial Leaders